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Day 282: Jonas Mekas
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
2:48 min.

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Oona re.mindful
eating and mindful
walking ---



the four bites
(or mouthfuls, as they like to call it)
a practice in mindful eating

1st bite: practice love - send happiness out to those around you, wish happiness onto one person or many

2nd bite: practice compassion - the wish to remove suffering from someones life, or from the world in general

3rd bite: practice happiness in the present moment, the here and now

4rd bite: practice inclusiveness - include everyone in your heart
also, another practice from engaged buddhism:
mindful walking:
with each step, say to oneself, "i have arrived, i have arrived." having arrived in the here and now, no past,
no future, just the present. see it not as a declaration, but a realization...
tich nhat hanh says, "PEACE IS EVERY STEP"
he also says:
god is happiness
happiness is love
there can be no peace without love, no love without peace

cool guy, maybe you will get to do the peace walk with him in new york if there is one, it would be nice to do
a 365 film of this walking meditation. it's very simple, yet special...

love, oona

ウナはよりよく生きることを四度噛むこと、「練習」に喩える。「愛の練習」、「共感の練習」、「幸福の練習」そして「寛容の練習」。また、ウナは「行動する仏教(engaged buddhism)」の命名者、実践者として世界的に高名なベトナム出身の禅僧ティク・ナット・ハン(Thich Nhat Hanh, 1926-)の平和は心のこもった一歩一歩にかかっているという歩行の思想を付け加える。そして最後に父(ジョナス・メカス)がハンとニューヨークを歩き、そのような歩く瞑想の365日映画の一つを撮ることになれば素敵なことだと添える。「とても単純なことだけど、特別な意味を持つことになると思うわ…」